About the Artist

Gail M. Nelson graduated with a Master’s degree in fine art and she loves to create eco art, illustrate, design, and alter books, cook mostly vegetarian meals, and garden. She makes her home in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and dog.

Realizing that everything in our world is connected, they are moving toward living a more sustainable lifestyle. They added photovoltaic panels to their small, passive solar house, grow their own food in two greenhouses, and work from home.

Gail would love to hear from you! Email Gail at rocksy.org@gmail.com.

e A R T h

Service Projects

Gail creates art to raise awareness about environmental issues. 100% of net proceeds from the sale of her art is donated to charities benefiting the planet.

e A R T h

Since every bit of plastic ever made still exists, Gail wondered: Why not swap out as much plastic as possible for environmentally friendly options?
The Plastic Free Project is still in progress!

e A R T h

The Toilet Paper Project is also in progress!

e A R T h

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